Living well with prediabetes

We have made these films very carefully with our NHS health care professionals and people living with diabetes. All the information has been reviewed and signed off, but of course if you have any concerns you must contact your GP, diabetes nurse or consultant in the normal way. The films are also subtitled in Welsh if you would prefer - there's a blue button below that will take you to them instead.

Sarah introduces... films about prediabetes



At Risk Of T2 Diabetes?

It's not always that easy to make the changes that you need to make. Maybe you know what you need to do but “how” you do it is quite difficult. Psychologist Dr Bethan Lloyd recognises the challenge involved and talks about ways of moving forward.

Healthy Eating

Broken down into food groups, the film navigates healthy eating along the supermarket aisles and delivers some memorable nuggets of advice!

The Eatwell Guide

The key messages are "Everything in moderation" and "No foods are forbidden"

Diabetes And Weight

It can be difficult to talk about obesity. We hear about someone with experience of obesity and diabetes.

Stop Smoking

You are 4 times more likely to be successful with expert help than going it alone.

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