Living well with Lymphoedema

We have made these films very carefully with our NHS health care professionals and people living with lymphoedema. All the information has been reviewed and signed off, but of course if you have any concerns you must contact your GP, lymphoedema therapist or consultant in the normal way. Some people say that they wish they could take their lymphoedema therapist home with them to encourage them and remind them how best to manage their symptoms. This is the NEXT BEST THING! The films are also subtitled in Welsh if you would prefer - there's a blue button below that will take you to them instead. Otherwise explore below!

Sarah introduces... films about living well with lymphoedema



What is Lymphoedema?

'What?' is it. 'Why?' me. 'Where?' in my body. 'How?' will I cope. This introductory film helps to answer all these questions.

Skin Care

You've guessed it.  This film is all about taking care of your skin when you are living with lymphoedema.  It's the first "cornerstone" of care.


Learn more about cellulitis and how to identify and manage it. You’ll meet people who can show you what it looks like as well as a group of people learning how best to manage recurrent episodes. The good news is that good self-management can make a real difference.

Professor Keith Harding talks about the challenges faced when making a diagnosis. The British Lymphology Society have produced this “Red Legs Pathway” to help understand how best to identify and manage a condition which can look similar to cellulitis. It could be helpful for trying to work out whether you or someone you are caring for has red legs or cellulitis

The Joy of Exercise

Exercise is the second  'cornerstone' of care and this film explains how and why moving our bodies keeps lymph moving and demonstrates simple upper and lower body exercises to do at home.

Compression Garments

The third 'cornerstone' is compression.  Here we explain how and why compression helps reduce swelling and tackle the daunting prospect of embracing compression garments, with some good advice from experienced wearers!

SLD in lower limbs

You can follow along and practice this SLD self-massage to move lymph in your lower limbs.

SLD in upper limbs

You can follow along with this SLD self-massage to move lymph away in your upper limbs.

Healthy eating

Broken down into food groups, the film navigates healthy eating along the supermarket aisles and delivers some memorable nuggets of advice!


Meet two women who have both lipoedema and lymphoedema.  They are brilliant and explain the differences, similarities and connections between the two conditions.


The do's and don'ts of skin care and compression garments on holiday.

Exercise class lower limbs

The do's and don'ts of skin care and compression garments on holiday.

Exercise class upper limbs

An exercise class to follow-along-to designed for patients with upper body Lymphoedema.

Pump Therapy

Meet three patients using pump therapy as part of their treatment for lymphoedema.


See what is happening beneath the skin when you do Manual Lymphatic Drainage. Specialists in lymphoedema care gather from all over the UK to see scanning technology in action. It’s an eye-opener for them and their patients.

Genital Lymphoedema?

This film shows you how to check for symptoms and how to manage them if you have or if you are at risk. Pelvic floor exercises are a key self-management tool so we talk you through how to do them.


Genital lymphoedema brings with it a whole range of challenges. Our contributors have done us, and you, a great service in sharing their experience. It is not always easy to talk about but as with so many challenging conditions, early diagnosis and support can really help to manage symptoms.


Meet some great women who talk confidentially about their experience of genital lymphoedema.


A short guide to the options available.


This film explains what filariasis is and gives advice on prevention.

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