Life After Cancer

We have made these films very carefully with our NHS health care professionals and people living with cancer All the information has been reviewed and signed off, but of course if you have any concerns you must contact your GP, nurse or consultant in the normal way.

Sarah introduces... films about life after cancer




Brenda Blethyn introduces this series of films about the psychological impact of dealing with cancer that focus on the 2 years after treatment. In this first film, we introduce three people who share how and what they are feeling. Macmillan Clinical Psychologist, Mike Osborn, offers insight and reassurance as these patients talk about adjusting to their ‘new normal’.

Bumps in the Road

Our contributors talk about the impact of unexpected and lingering fatigue and their feelings of isolation and dissociation from their friends and family. Mike Osborn places high value on the basic principles of well-being and being compassionate to yourself.


Sometimes recovery seems to be a lot further off than you thought. Feelings of depression can be overwhelming and disabling. Psychologist Dr Mike Osborn stresses the need to keep things simple, be kind to yourself and remember what you have been through.

Your Old Self

Once the physical recovery and healing begins, it is important to allow yourself the time to build up your stamina and self-confidence again.


Sometimes cancer does come back. We talk about how this feels and strategies for dealing with the impact of this news.

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